Our Team

Founder and Clinical Director:
Lilly A. Flores – Fiumara, M.A., B.C.B.A. is an expertly trained scientist-practitioner that has been providing behavior-analytic services to individuals with autism, disabilities, behavior disorders, and developmental delays for well over a decade. She has impacted positive change in the lives of individuals from 6 months of age to seniors in residential settings.
Ms. Flores-Fiumara’s first-class training in the service provision of applied behavior analysis allowed her to become discriminating when it came to what “quality ABA services” look like. She determined that “quality ABA services” demanded both proficiency in the research and implementation of proven practices, as well as compassion towards the recipients of these interventions. This lead to the development of Tikvah Center.


Her career began working directly with families as a direct-intervention Behavior Technician under the supervision and guidance of behavior analysts from world-renowned research and practice institutions. This early experience blossomed into the devotion for helping others and a strong appreciation for the science of behavior analysis. It was through providing ABA-based services to families that she gained an intimate appreciation for what it meant for parents to have a child with autism or other disability. She learned that her job was much more than teaching a skill or reducing a behavior but that she was part of a larger picture comprised of multiple stakeholders (e.g. families including parents, siblings, as well as other practitioners). It became apparent that compassion was a requirement for making a true and lasting impact. Throughout her career she has served in multiple capacities for esteemed agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations, including Clinical Services Director and Director of Clinical Standards. She has taught graduate-level courses in behavior analysis, presents at conferences, conducts trainings, has successfully collaborated with education and medical providers, and remains active in applied research.


After attending Harvard University’s Health Careers post-baccalaureate program, she moved back to California to be close to family and completed her Master’s degree in Human Behavior. Currently, Ms. Flores-Fiumara is completing her Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. During her time here she has been fortunate to be under the advisorship of nationally acclaimed scientist-practitioners, Dr. Rachel Findel (formerly Tarbox), Dr. David Pyles, and currently Dr. Amanda Adams.

Tikvah Center Team:
Our team of professionals includes both Master’s and Doctorate-level Board Certified Behavior Analysts (B.C.B.A.) that serve as Behavior Consultants. Under the supervision of a B.C.B.A., Program Managers and Senior Behavior Technicians are behavior-analysts-in-training that assist with managing the program and training Behavior Technicians. Our team is also fortunate to have dedicated and thoroughly trained Behavior Technicians that provide the day-to-day direct-intervention services