Our Team

Founder and Director:

Lilly A. Flores – Fiumara, M.A., B.C.B.A. is an expertly trained scientist-practitioner that has been providing empirically-supported and research-based services to individuals for about two decades. Ms. Flores-Fiumara received a first-class education in the science of behavior and learning and has dutifully served communities within her scope of practice.
Throughout her experience, she learned that to empower people to achieve meaningful change effectively, it demanded proficiency in science and implementation of proven practices. Her passion for making a real difference exposed the need to bridge the gap between science and practice. Also, the demand to widely spread research-based educational and learning technologies became evermore apparent. In her journey, Ms. Flores-Fiumara learned that in many cases, it does take a village and that uniting and strengthening communities is a precious pursuit. Moreover, moving mountains, or in this case, impacting meaningful change in a person’s life also requires a high dose of compassion and connection to what matters. All this and more led to the development of the Tikvah Center in 2013.

Tikvah Center Team:

Our team of professionals includes staff with varying educational accomplishments and related experience. Our Directors, Program Designers, and Program Supervisors have earned a related masters or doctorate. Our Instructors and Interventionist have pertinent educational accomplishments, go through comprehensive training, and are supervised by team members with a master or doctorate. A Host or Coach lead some of the activities we provide. Often, Hosts and Coaches are members of the community that have a wealth of real-life experiences and have received additional training. All ABA Interventionists are ethically supervised by masters and doctorate-level Board Certified Behavior Analysts (B.C.B.A.).