Tikvah Center provides ABA-based services to individuals across the life-span with autism, disabilities, behavior disorders, and developmental delays. Tikvah Center follows a developmentally and behaviorally appropriate curriculum that teaches skills, addresses core deficit areas associated with the diagnoses, and the reduction of behaviors of concern (i.e. problem behaviors). Each learner’s program or Treatment Plan is comprised of individualized goals and objectives are derived from ongoing observation and assessments. Services are provided in the home, community, and/or school-setting. This includes both comprehensive and focused treatments.

Services Include:

    • Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) or Comprehensive Behavior Treatment for Young Children (CBTYC)
    • Focused and individualized services for school-aged learners
    • Focused and individualized services for adults
    • Assessments: standardized, criterion-references, skills assessments, functional behavior assessments, functional analysis
    • Consultative services
    • Professional training and development
    • Parent-education and support
    • Social skills training

The Treatment Team

A treatment team consists of a Behavior Consultant which is the supervising Board Certified Behavior Analyst (B.C.B.A). They develop and oversee the individualized program/Treatment Plan. The Behavior Consultant conducts multiple visits throughout the month to ensure the quality and effectiveness of programming and provides continual training and supervision to Behavior Technicians. Behavior Technicians provide the day-to-day direct-intervention under the supervision of the B.C.B.A. Some treatment teams also include Senior Behavior Technicians and Program Managers which also work under the supervision of the B.C.B.A., are behavior-analysts-in-training, and assist with managing the program and training Behavior Technicians. The specifics of the individuals program/Treatment Plan dictate the amount of supervision provided by the Behavior Consultant and number of direct-intervention hours provided by the Behavior Technician.

Service Area

Tikvah Center provides services throughout the following southern Californian counties: Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and San Diego.