Lighting it up blue or should I say new?

Today marks World Autism Awareness day. Autism Speaks launched the “Light It Up Blue” global event over five years ago. There couldn’t be a more appropriate day for Tikvah Center to launch their new website. On a day that radiates blue in 7 continents and over 100 countries, Tikvah Center shines a light as they join in support.

For years the Tikvah Center team has celebrated autism awareness on a daily basis. In the early years “autism” was a mysterious word to many. Yet, to many individuals and families it consumed their lives. The beauty today brings is that there are many more support networks and knowledgeable practitioners who not only know what autism is but also what it means to live with autism. Remember today is just a day to spread awareness. The other 364 days of the year many lives impacted by autism shine their smiles and reach out for support to someone whether it is their mother, father, or community. We will be there to share smiles and to demonstrate support. Will you?

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